Reliable Phone Service

Keeping you connected is what we do best! SMTA has provided dependable service since 1906.

  • Competitive Pricing
  • No Regulatory Assessment Fees
  • No In-State Connection Fees
  • No Universal Connectivity Charge
  • One convenient, easy-to-understand bill

Choose one of the Phone-only plans below,

OR build a Triple-Play Package with Phone, Internet and TV,

OR let SMTA Customize a package that’s right for you.

Simple Long Distance

Basic Residential Phone

• Local calling only (includes E911, ARC and FUSC charges)

Unlimited Long Distance

• Local calling (includes E911, ARC and FUSC charges)
• Unlimited calls anytime to anywhere in the continental USA.
• Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling & Voice Mail

Simple Savings

Our Talk More, Pay Less savings plan offers automatic volume discounts. The more you talk, the less you pay!

Simple Billing

One monthly check to your local telephone company will pay for local and Bright Long Distance service. And, we will bill in simple six second increments (after the first 30 seconds). No rounding up to the next minute.

Simple 800/888/877 Convenience

For home or business, our 800/888/877 toll service offers convenient calling for kids or clients. Our 15 cents per minute rate (in the Continental U.S.) is simply great!

donotcallFor added protection add our telemarketer Do Not Disturb Features to your line for only $1.50 per month

 Save More With A Triple-Play Package.


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