A picture of the Kaserne
in Costabulary days (1948-1952)



Officers 3d Bn 14th ACR, 1 Aug 1953

First Row: (from left to right) 

1. 1st Lt. Gearan, W.K., 2. 1st Lt Magnotti, J.F.Jr.. 3. Major Kingry, W.F. 4. Captain Cave, R.F., 5. Major Cline, B.V., 6. LtCol Werve, M.W.,7. 1st Lt Wright, L.S., 8. Captain Amorelli, G.F., 9. Captain David, R.E. ,10 Captain Revolinsky, P.A., 11. 1st Lt West, H.O.

Second row (left to right)

1. 1st Lt Campbell, J.A.,2. Captain Edlin, C.H., 3. Major Knox, W.W., 4. Captain Thompson, G.D., 5. Captain Buhler, D.S., 6.1st Lt.  Beardon R.C., 7. 1st Lt Duffy H.T., 8. 1st Lt Acker, R.C.jr., 9. 1st Lt LeVasseur, T.J.jr.

Third Row (L-R) 

1st Lt DiCiro, C.M., 2 1st Lt Cohen, T.S., 3. 1st Lt Clarke, J.W.II, 4. 1st Lt Duncan, D.W.Jr, 5. Captain Strawhorn, J.C., 6. 1st Lt Curry, D.C. 7. WOJG Marshall, F.M., 8. 2nd Lt James, W.A., 9 Cwo Evans, J.W absent

Note LtCol Werve and Captain Thompson (the air officer) were killed in the crash of their L19, Werve/Thompson airfiled at Hersfeld was named after them.

This is the climax of a border incident where the pilot of an OH 1 chopper and his passenger got lost and landed in the East Zone. They were held for better than a week. Ted Cohen had to go down to the border, cross into the East Zone on invite of the Soviets and sign for their release. As soon as they crossed  back into the U.S., zone the captain from Seventh Army took over control and away they went. The three bringing up the rear were from the 529 MI detachment in Fulda. An army photographer took this photo, the following is the caption: "Hdqtrs Seventh Army, Public Info Office, APOP 46 NYC,NY  "Alsleben-Gompertshausen Area (March 24, 1955) L-R Herr Horst Kuehn, German Labor Servce employee; 1st Lt Lewis E. Jacquay, 97 th Sig Opns Bn; Capt. T.J Girouard, Hqs 7th Army, 1st Lt Theodore S. Cohen, Hqs 14th Armd Cav, walk away from East-West border barrier vicinity Alsleben after Lt Jacquay and Kuehn were released from Soviets."


The 3d Bn went to Austria in Nov "52 to take part in maneuvers' An army photographer (part of the general's team) took this photo, Caption reads: " Exercise Frosty, the ten day fall maneuver of U.S. Forces in Austria in the Salzkammergut Region of Austria began Nov 1st. It is a free maneuver pitting friendly "highland" forces of the tactical command under the command of Brig. Paul L. Freeman Jr. against enemy "Lowland" forces, led by Colonel John L. Pauley, C.O. Linz Mil. Post. Maneuver director is Lt Gen George P. Hays, C.G. USFA. Gen. Hays speaks with an unidentified officer from the 3d Bn 14th Armed Cavalry near St. Georgen, Austria." The unidentified guy is Ted Cohen, a Lt in Tank Co at the time.


Engaging the enemy while on Exercise Frosty. The tank commander is Ted Cohen and the other guy is the umpire who gave credit for a "kill."



CPL. Ernest Cologne in Constabulary days.

M-26 Tank - 1951.

View from the window of an L19 Birddog of Werra River near Bad Hersfeld.

From the collected photos of Ted Cohen - 1950.

PFC. Boon - 1956

Back row (L-R)
Frank Bland, Joe Pratt, Emanuel Bergelin
Larry Yantis, Sheredon Kenner, Shearer,
Harold Wilson;
Front Row (L-R):
Mitch Boon, Bob Bauman,
Billy Stephenson, Pete Storms,

Pvt. Mitch Boon on M-47
at Tank Co. Mtr. Pool - 1955

PFC. Emanuel Bergeland,
XO driver, Tank Co. Mtr. Park - 1955

Spec. 3 Mitch Boon
during Operation Cordon Bleu - 1956

Mitch Boon and  Louis Heil

Spec. 3 Earl Allen,
Sub Post near Service Club - Jan., 1956

Cpl. Bednar (?) at
Battalion Mess Hall - Winter-1956

Pvt. Bob Bauman on M-47 in Co. Mtr. Pool

Front L-R: Pvts. Billy Stephenson,
Pete Storms
Back L-R:
Pvts. Shereden Kenner, Joe Pratt
Tank Co. K Troop doorway, Spring - 1955

M/SGT. Higgonbottom

Earl Allen

Larry Yantis, Joe Pratt and Harold Wilson

L-R: Spec. 3's Billy Stephenson,
Pete Storms, Shereden Kenner
on Parade Field, Winter-1955

Spec. 3 Billy Stephenson
by bunker along Autobahn, Fall - 1956

Spec. 3 Billy Stephenson,
Mitch Boon and Willie Marue, as above - 1956

Cpl. Joe Pratt on M-47 Tank, maneuvers at
Vilsec or Graf, Spring - 1955

Cpl. Joe Pratt (as above)


2nd Platoon Tank Section, H Co., Autumn of 1958

L to R: PFC. Farrow, PFC. Bender, PFC. Cook, SP4 Gunther

PFC. Fleming, & PFC. Lebowitz (front of Gunther).



Lt. Graves, 3rd Platoon Leader

L. to R. - PFC. M. S. Basom,
1SG. Billy Robertson, 1st LT. Carrillo (XO)
On M-41: SP3 Buck & PFC. Cullings
Spring Tests, 1956.

HQ Tank Co. 1956 - J. Srcour

Photos by SP5 John McPhillips -1956.

Tank Co, 3rd Bn, 14th ACR taken in 1956 at Bad Hersfeld.


3rd platoon.


SP5 John McPhillips driving TK-33 during FTX Saber.


Photos from Ray Lebowitz 1958-59 H Troop

Photos by John P. Walsh 1961

John P. Walsh with two West German
Border Guards on the North Border in 1961

Garland Walters, Ernie Hazard and John Walsh
L Troop Track Park - 1961