About Us

Meet the SMTA Team

Office Staff

Rick Rostorfer

General Manager

Peyton Bowers

Customer Service Representative/Accounts Receivable Specialist

Brigette Hull

Customer Service Representative/Accounts Payable Specialist

Teresa Gibson

Customer Service Representative

Install and Repair Technicians

Corey Leppelmeier

Operations Manager

Ben Boes
Cody Arnold
Chris Ruoff

Construction Technicians

Steven Spencer

Construction Manager

Scott Ruppert
Jeff Hicks
Wes Stevenson
Blake Sholl
Jordan Detamore

Current Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consist of five (5) members with terms of three (3) years each and trustees hold their offices until their respective successors are duly qualified and elected.

John Wirth, President | Bill Wendling, Vice President | Jim Hohenberger, Secretary/Treasurer | Jim Timbrook, Director | Tom Turnbull, Director

Previous Board of Directors

John Wirth, President | Lynn Bergman, Vice President | Rex Speiser, Secretary | Virgil Hoene, Director