Price Increase Notice

Prices will be increasing on August 1, 2017 for our cable, internet and phone services.
All of our Telephone packages will be going up $1.00.
Price increase for cable are as follows: Local- $1.00, Local Plus- $2.00, Basic- $3.00, Basic Plus- $3.00.
Extra set top box rentals is going up $1.00.
All of our Internet packages will be going up $1.00 per package
Price increase for Triple Play packages $5.00
If you have any questions about these increases please contact our office.

Remote Backup Service

SMTA now offers a Remote Back-Up service to our Internet subscribers. All your computer information will be stored for you. If your computer crashes your pictures and saved documents will be securely backed up on our servers.
This service is a great value at $5.95 a month. Call 419.899.2121 or email for more information.

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